How To Get Confirmed Train Ticket | Tips & Tricks

Do you travel often by train? Are you worried about how to get confirmed train tickets during any vacation season? Vacation is a peak time there for it is very difficult to get a confirmed ticket for traveling.

After reading this article, you would be able to get a confirmed train ticket without going to any railway station counter or an agent. You do not need to check PNR Status repeatedly that the waiting ticket is confirmed or not after receiving a waiting ticket. So, to know tips and tricks on how to get confirmed train tickets, please read this article.

Tips and tricks on how to get confirmed train tickets in IRCTC are:

1. Book a ticket from Source station to end stations

Do you want to know how to get a confirmed train ticket in the waiting list? Then book a ticket from the Source station to the end station (or try different combinations near the origin station to the near end station ~ To save money) and select the boarding station from which station you want to start your journey. You need to do this because the seat quotas from Source stations are generally more as compared to other stations. This has happened because Indian Railways give more preference to long-distance passengers who book tickets for the whole journey.

Let us understand it with an example. which is given below,

09046 Tapti Ganga Superfast Express train runs from Chhapra to Surat.

Suppose you want to travel from Varanasi to Surat, but you find that only waiting list tickets are available from Varanasi to Surat

Now you have to book the ticket from Chhapra to Surat. And select your boarding station, Varanasi.

Here you found that only 29 berths are available from Chhapra to Surat. Although it will cost a little more, it is better than not getting tickets. We all know that when we don’t get a confirmed ticket and the travel date is approaching, we are ready to spend any money on getting a confirmed ticket. So, it is always better to pay a little more than to take the stress and spend lots of money at least.

2. Breaking Journey in a single train

If you are searching for how to get confirmed train tickets in RAC? If you do not get the direct ( source station to end station) ticket in a single train, then breaking the journey into a single train is a great option to travel with the confirmed ticket to your destination. I later realized that there are station wise quotas for railway ticket booking. 

Understand by an Example:

The Mahamana Express (09104) train runs from Varanasi to Vadodara.

Suppose you want to travel from Varanasi to Vadodara, but again you come to know that only waitlist tickets are available from Varanasi to Vadodara.

Now you have to go to the website and check the station wise ticket booking quotas of Mahamana Express.

Here you discover that the station-wise ticket booking quotas of Mahamana express are Varanasi, Jabalpur & Itarsi.

Now you have to book two tickets on the same train.

1. From Varanasi to Jabalpur, there are only 6 seats available &

2. Jabalpur to Vadodara, two Seats are available.

But in this trick, you have to pay some more money as compared to the direct booking system.

3. Search journey in google maps

What do you say? Search the journey in the google map? Then I say yes, these suggestions will help you when you are not aware of the nearest railway station or near your source or your destination. You can check the train ticket availability by this trick. You need to just enter your current location and destination in the Google map and the google map tells you the appropriate journey plan.

For example, I am sharing my personal experience, when I want to go from Surat to Deoria, the only option that comes to my mind is whether I should go from Surat to Varanasi and then go to Deoria by changing the train at Varanasi and another option is to go to Gorakhpur And again change the train at Gorakhpur to go for Deoria. Because there is no direct train running from Surat to Deoria.

But when I came to search in a google map it shows many other break journey options likes ST-BSL-DEOS, ST-ET-D’OS, ST-ALD-DEOS, ST-MTJ-DEOS, ST-NDLS-DEOS, ST-CNB-DEOS, etc.

4. Always be alert to the announcement of Special/Suvidha Train

Indian Railways announce special/Suvidha trains every year mainly during the festival season or the summer/winter holidays. So if you want to know how to get a confirmed train ticket on special trains? Then be alert for the announcement of the special trains. You can regularly check the irctc alert. For booking the ticket for a special/Suvidha train, either you can book from railway station counters or you can book on the IRCTC website. Usually, the special trains are highlighted in lime green color on the IRCTC website.

5. Tatkal & Premium Tatkal

Tatkal:- Some people do not know what is the Tatkal ticket and how to get the confirmed train Tatkal ticket. The tatkal quota is meant primarily for passengers with immediate or urgent travel plans. Tatkal tickets can only be booked 1 day before the departure date of the train from its source. Such tickets can be booked at the railway reservation counters or online at the IRCTC website.

Premium Tatkal:- The Premium Tatkal is the same as the Tatkal but it is available only on some premium trains. It can be only booked online. The principle of Premium Tatkal is dynamic fairing which means that as demand increases, fares will increase.

6. Current Reservations

If you want to know how to get a confirmed train ticket after releasing the chart then this is for you. On the off chance that there is a very late excursion plan, at that point separated from looking for break venture alternatives, you ought to likewise look at for the current ticket accessibility. Current booking opens soon after the outline is ready for the train that implies 3 or 4 hours before takeoff of the train from the cause station and closes 30 minutes before the planned flight of the train. The method to book a ticket under the current booking quantity is equivalent to a typical ticket booking from IRCTC. In the event that you need to book a current booking, at that point, you need to stand by until the graph is ready for the train. After the diagram planning on the off chance that any seat is empty, at that point you can book the ticket. It is composed of CURR_AVAIL.

7. Book tickets under different quota

Ladies Quota:- Ladies’ quota is a quota for women who are traveling alone on a train. Ladies’ quota is available on all trains but the total number of seats is 6 per train. And it is available only in sleeper class (6 in 3AC in case of fully AC train).

Lower Berth/Sn. citizen Quota:- This quota is only for a male aged 60 years and above/female of age 45 years and above when traveling on the train alone or two passengers. We can only book 2 lower berth quotas in a single PNR for passengers. Also, the reservation of pregnant women comes under the lower berth senior citizen quota.

Divyaang:- The word Divyaang is used for the person with a disability. So Divyaang quota is only for a person with a disability. The Concessional Tickets under the disabled quota can be booked only from PRS counters by submitting the necessary certificates. These passengers’ compulsory need to carry a photo identity card issued by a railway which is to be produced for On-board / Off-board verification during the journey.

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