Top 10 Things That Make Travelling Alone Unforgettable

Top 10 Things That Make Travelling Alone Unforgettable: Many people give up travel because they can’t find the company with whom to travel, although traveling alone can be much more exciting.

One has only to discard complexes, look around and pay attention to the possibilities that such an adventure gives. Here are ten things that will make it unforgettable.

The Top 10 Things That Make Travelling Alone Unforgettable Are:

1. Dine alone.

When traveling alone, you should definitely go to some good restaurant or cafe for dinner alone. Order your favorite dish or something that you have never tried, but always wanted.

Do not rush, but try to feel the moment and enjoy delicious food without any empty talk.

2. Observe ordinary people.

This is a great way to plunge into the world of other people, just by observing them from the side.

Who is this person playing with his dog in a clearing in the park, what does he do, what are his dreams and goals, what makes him sad or happy? Many questions arise during such an observation.

You understand that the world around you is huge, you are not alone, even if you are traveling alone.

3. Turn off your phone for one day and be unavailable.

What a trip alone, if you hang on the phone all the time or not break away from the messenger.

Turn off your smartphone for a day, walk around the city without it, wander the streets without looking at the screen every fifteen minutes, then you will feel the unforgettable pleasure of a single trip.


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4. Go to nature.

It is unforgettable to be on the top of a mountain alone or near a seething waterfall alone, plunging into its waters naked. Nature calms put thoughts in order and gives new strength to move forward towards your goals.

5. Try something completely new for yourself.

When traveling alone, you can afford to experience something completely unusual for you, such as taking tango lessons or surfing.

Nobody knows you, and nobody will judge, you can try, and if you don’t like it or fail, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to shake yourself up, give your life fresh sensations.

6. Meet new people.

Meeting new people while traveling is almost inevitable, but traveling alone is just inevitable. Sometimes you can make very interesting acquaintances with locals who will become your guides for another day.

For example, this was the case with me in Yangon. The main thing is not to forget that all people are different and not always friendly, no matter what country you are in.

7. Start writing a travel diary by hand.

Remember when you wrote by hand, I am not talking about an application for a vacation or an application for a discount card?

A long time ago, wasn’t it? We forget what it’s like to write by hand. When travelling alone, start journaling.

Write down in a regular notebook everything that does not leave you indifferent during the trip, what feelings awaken new places or meeting new people. Write, draw, take notes, keep a full traveler’s diary, which will become your memory in the future.

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8. Assign a note to your loved ones.

Another lesson is gradually becoming a thing of the past. We used to send packages of postcards to our relatives, friends, and acquaintances, especially before the holidays.

Now it’s just a boring couple of lines and a standard picture in the feed of some social network or messenger. When travelling alone, you often think of your family and friends back home.

And at such times it is best to write a few warm words on a paper postcard with the beauty of where you are from the bottom of your heart. I promise they will appreciate it!

9. Take your time and be alone with yourself.

When travelling alone, don’t rush, even if time is limited. Indeed, it is on such a journey that you can be alone with yourself, reflect on your past, present and future.

Let go of all resentments and disappointments, thereby filling yourself with new positive energy. A change of scenery contributes to this and should not be neglected.

10. Get to know yourself and your instincts.

Traveling alone allows you to find out your capabilities, in such a journey you rely only on yourself, and its success also depends on you.

You can’t blame anyone if something goes wrong during the trip, this teaches us a lot and allows us to recognize ourselves in different directions.

At least once in your life, you should go on a journey alone in order to discover your capabilities, understand, love yourself and draw conclusions based on your own observations.

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