Top 10 Things You Should Never Travel Without

Top 10 Things You Should Never Travel Without : When going on a trip, it is better to make a list of necessary things in advance, this will allow you to save money abroad on what is left at home. Take care of your comfort and safety.


Prepare your smartphone to work not only as a camera – connect roaming, download maps, travel apps, phrasebooks, etc. In this article, we figure out Top 10 Things You Should Never Travel Without regardless of which country and what time of year are you driving.

Top 10 Things You Should Never Travel Without Are:

  1. Insurance
  2. Gadgets
  3. Copy of the passport
  4. Auto pillow
  5. Medicines
  6. Thermos
  7. Sanitizer
  8. Mini packs of cosmetics
  9. Toiletry bag for small things
  10. Sleep mask and earplugs

1. Insurance

Without an insurance policy, you can not only find yourself in an unpleasant situation when you get sick but also you may simply not be allowed to go through customs. When buying and using insurance, be guided by several important points:


Check your coverage to avoid overpaying. Going to Europe, do not buy a policy valid all over the world, it will cost more. Rewrite your insurance number and carry it with you. If you feel unwell on the street, and the policy remains at the hotel, you can dial the medical center and ask for help, knowing the policy number.


Be aware of franchises and coverage. If you decide to save money and purchase a policy with a franchise, do not be surprised that the percentage of the cost of treatment prescribed in the contract you will have to pay from your wallet. Pay attention to the conditions of insurance:



if you go to the hospital without the consent of the insurance company, or without warning about the presence of chronic diseases, you may be left without monetary compensation.


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2. Gadgets

Without them, as without hands. When going on a trip, do not forget the gadgets that you constantly use: headphones, a tablet, so as not to get bored on the road and quickly find information on the Internet.


A portable charger will be useful on a trip. It may happen that far from the hotel you urgently need to charge your phone or camera.

3. Copy of the passport.

Even if you have chosen a beach tour for your vacation, you will still not sit in the hotel all the same. For example, go on an excursion or go for a walk in the city. 


When leaving the hotel, take a copy of your passport with you so as not to lose the main document. Even just walking around the city in a foreign country, carry your ID with you.

4. Auto pillow.

This accessory is indispensable for long trips – sightseeing tours or transcontinental flights. The auto pillow has a compact size, with it you will fall asleep easier in transport and relieve yourself of neck pain.

5. Medicines.

Even if you do not have serious chronic illnesses, a first aid kit is a must when traveling. Be sure to take with you a plaster, bandage, pills for headaches and indigestion, disinfectants.


If you regularly take any medications, take a supply of them with you: to buy analogs in a pharmacy abroad, you will need a prescription from a local doctor, and it will be either expensive or problematic in principle.

6. Thermos

Oddly enough, it may come in handy not only in a country with a cold climate. In southern resorts, you can keep the water cold in a thermos, which is very convenient during excursions. If you are traveling alone, buy a small and lightweight thermos.

7. Sanitizer

A disinfectant gel can come in handy if there is nowhere to wash your hands with soap and water. This is handy if you are on a bus ride and decide to grab a bite to eat on the way. And in countries with a high threat of infection with infections, a sanitizer will be simply vital.


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8. Mini packs of cosmetics.

Knowing how much shampoo or shower gel you are using, estimate how much you will need during your trip, and do not carry heavy packages with you. Cosmetics can be poured into sample jars.


If you have not found suitable containers at home, buy a set of travel bottles in the store, or products in a mini-package. After use, these jars will come in handy on your next trip.

9. Toiletry bag for small things.

In order not to overdo it with a large number of things, you need to take the necessary minimum on the road. In your luggage put a dressing bag or waist bag, and for a beach holiday – a spacious beach bag. Think about what you need to take with you so that things are not in your hands.

10 . Sleep mask and earplugs.


On vacation, especially if he is active, you need to get enough sleep. Therefore, in order not to listen to the neighbors behind the wall, who cannot sleep at night, use earplugs. A mask also does not hurt – in resorts and megacities, the lights can be on all day.

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