Top 12 Important Tips For Traveling With Kids

Top 12 Important Tips For Traveling With Kids: With the appearance of a child in the family, many parents stop traveling because they are afraid of difficulties: the kids are capricious, tired, crying. But the heroes of our article prove that if you add a little ingenuity and unusual solutions, then traveling with a child can turn from a tedious task into an exciting adventure.

We at Bright Side admire parents who can entertain and distract children even on a long journey, and we share their secrets with you.

The Top 12 Important Tips For Traveling  With Kids Are:

1. Travel kit for painting.

If your child loves to draw, you can make a handy draw case for them on the go. You will need a large pencil case or DVD, a clothespin, a set of pencils and printed pictures for coloring. Such a box immediately serves as both a pencil case and a drawing tablet.

2. Case – holder for the tablet.

Fans of watching cartoons on the road will love the idea of turning an ordinary pencil case into a convenient tablet stand. To do this, you just need a pencil case with a transparent wall and a couple of ribbons.

The pencil case can be replaced with an ordinary paper file – not so aesthetically pleasing, but the meaning is the same. And the most daring parents can even turn their own hoodie into a holder for gadgets.

3. Magnetic games.

A simple game “Makeup words” will help to captivate the child on the road, and the set – the alphabet for magnetic boards, is the best fit for this. And the words can be written independently, depending on the age of the child.


For the little ones, there is a variation of this picture game, when you need to make a whole image from pieces. You can also use your favorite puzzle by sticking small magnets on it.

4. Road trash can.

Traveling with children, you cannot avoid the appearance of a heap of candy wrappers, crumbs, and pieces of paper, so the trash can is a real find for those who are on the road.

So as not to bother with bags, take a regular kitchen container with a lid, which is usually used for pasta, place a bag in it, and – voila – the bin with a lid is ready.

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5. Adorable bottles

One of the easiest ways to calm an angry little traveler. You will be surprised how long bottles of glitter and other fillings such as alphabet, Lego pieces, multi-colored gel layers, or even a jellyfish from a regular bag can take your little one for a long time. The filling is limited only by your imagination.

6. Drinking cup on a string.

It would seem a trifle, but how useful. Usually, you don’t even think about such details until you find yourself in a typical situation: the child plays about, throws the bottle.

And then begins to roar because he is thirsty, and the parent tries to fumble and fetch the unfortunate cup from under the seat, curled up in three deaths. So it’s better to tie the bottle to the chair in advance.

7. “Are we coming soon?”

If you are not ready to answer this question three thousand times, we advise you to use a trick from experienced travelers and equip your car with stickers that will visually show the progress of your trip: solemnly mark each section of the road and move the car.

8. Tray bag.

A great idea for moms-needlewomen – a tray bag with a pillow and a pocket for storing children’s treasures. On such a tray it will be convenient for the baby to eat, draw and play. And when folded on the pillow, you can take a nap.

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9. Travel dollhouse.

Another “handicraft” idea for parents of little princesses: a camping dollhouse with a tiny resident.

A compact and safe game that will captivate your child for a long time. Each locker can be made openable, and you can come up with several outfits for the doll. Such a house can be taken in any type of transport.

10. Diary of a little traveler.

If you are planning a big trip with a school-age child, you can take him and involve him in an adventure by making him a travel diary.

Let him write down the places of stops, interesting incidents, notes his mood and dishes that he liked. If you can get hold of an old Polaroid, your child can also add photos to their diary.

11. “Road hunt”.

Simple but entertaining game for toddlers – “Road Hunt”. You can discuss its rules orally or print out a reminder of what to look for outside the window. If there are several children, you can arrange a fun competition with prizes.

12. Rear seat protection

Little travelers always litter and spill some sweet drinks, so it’s best to take care of the safety of the seat in advance. You can buy a ready-made case or make one yourself.

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