Vande Bharat Express | Get Every Information About Vande Bharat Train

Vande Bharat Express runs from Varanasi Junction to New Delhi. The train was dispatched on 15 February 2019. The train number of Vande Bharat Express is 22435 from Varanasi to New Delhi.

Regarding the timing of Vande Bharat Express, the train run from Varanasi Jn 15:00 from the source and reached its destination in New Delhi at 23:00. The train covers the total journey duration is 8 hours.

There are two stoppages Prayagraj Jn & Kanpur Central between Varanasi Jn and New Delhi Railway Station. The Vande Bharat Express route covers are Prayagraj Jn & Kanpur Central.

The train operates five days a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. This train, also known as Train 18. It is India’s first Engine-less train.

Vande Bharat Express is the First fastest train in India which hit 180 Kmph during trials. The maximum speed of this train is 130 Kmhr during its journey.

It is a fully air-conditioned train & it has 16 coaches. It is the first self-propelled train set that allows for faster acceleration and deceleration, so it reduces travel time.

The Vande Bharat Express offers various passenger-friendly features like Automatic doors, Smoke alarms, CCTV Cameras, Outdoor control systems, Sensor-based water taps, etc.

Also, this train provides free Wi-Fi access for passengers and onboard computers for train control and remote monitoring. The AC chair car fare is Rs 1,610 from Varanasi Jn to New Delhi the station is, while the executive chair car fare is Rs 3,015.

You can book tickets for this train from the railway station counter or through the IRCTC website.

While booking tickets for The Vande Bharat Express, passengers do not opt for food as the fare of the Vande Bharat Express includes food and catering charges. On the return venture, the feast charges are Rs 349 and Rs 288 individually.

Presently this train has finished one year of administration, logging a distance of 3.8 needs Km and acquiring a combined amount of Rs 92.29 crore with 100 % inhabitance.

The train schedule of The Vande Bharat Express (22435) is given below:

Classes: – Executive Chair Car, AC Chair Car

Service Days: – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

Sr No Station Code Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Time (minutes) Distance Day
1 BSB Varanasi Jn 15:00 0 1
2 PRYJ Prayagraj Jn 16:35 16:37 00:02 135 1
3 CNB Kanpur Central 18:30 18:32 00:02 330 1
4 NDLS New Delhi 23:00 769 1